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BDDfy In Action

This is a series of posts about BDDfy, the Behaviour Driven Development framework from TestStack. This series of posts builds on and continues the series of articles by the BDDfy creator, Mehdi Khalili, and shows 'BDDfy In Action.' I am a contributor on the project.

Mehdi has already written the following posts:

Using BDDfy

I am going to continue the series with one more post in the 'Using BDDfy' section:

  • BDDfy Reports: An overview of the reports in BDDfy and basic configuration.

Then I am going to move on to a series of posts on customizing and extending BDDfy.

Customizing and Extending BDDfy

  • BDDfy architecture overview: A look at the main components of the BDDfy architecture to provide some context for customizing and extending BDDfy and to illustrate the extensibility points
  • Customizing and Extending BDDfy Reports: Customizing the HTML Report and creating your own reports
  • Case Study - Rolling your own testing framework: A sample application demonstrating how you can replace whole pieces of the BDDfy framework to customize it to your own needs. This will include
    • Create a new MethodNameStepScanner to replace the BDDfy Given When Then grammar with a different grammar of EstablishContext, BecauseOf, ItShould.
    • Make BDDfy work with Story classes rather than Story attributes.
    • Plug in a new StoryMetaDataScanner
    • Customize the HTML Report
    • Run BDDfy tests in a console application without any test framework or test runner.
  • Case Study - Rolling your own testing framework (2): Adding parallel testing to the custom framework.
  • Using BDDfy in a Class per Scenario style for full system tests: Using BDDfy with an inversion of control container.
  • Using BDDfy in a Class per Scenario style for unit tests: Using BDDfy with an auto-mocking container.

About Michael Whelan

Michael Whelan is a Technical Lead with over 20 years’ experience in building (and testing!) applications on the Microsoft stack. He is passionate about applying agile development practices, such as BDD and continuous delivery, to agile processes. These days his primary focus is ASP.Net MVC Core and Azure. He contributes to a number of open source frameworks through TestStack.

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