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Code compiling but ReSharper is red

From time-to-time, I have this weird situation with ReSharper and Visual Studios (different versions of both) where my code is compiling, but ReSharper is highlighting some things in red. I think there might be a few different solutions to this problem, and I'll add others here if I come across them. The solution that worked for me this time is just to delete the .suo files.

Another solution that has worked in the past is to clear the ReSharper cache and restart Visual Studio.

ReSharper > Options > Environment > General > Options > General 

Click the Clear Caches button.

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Michael Whelan is a Technical Lead with over 20 years’ experience in building (and testing!) applications on the Microsoft stack. He is passionate about applying agile development practices, such as BDD and continuous delivery, to agile processes. These days his primary focus is ASP.Net MVC Core and Azure. He contributes to a number of open source frameworks through TestStack.

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